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Certified BlackLine Implementation Consultant, 

Integrated Financial Systems & Solutions


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Liz McBride-Gould, CPA (inactive)


Integrated Financial Systems & Solutions

     Integrated Financial Systems & Solutions or "IFS2", a Strategic Alliance Partner of BlackLine Systems, Inc. as well as a Certified BlackLine Implementation Consultant, focuses on maximizing client resources by using financial system integration. 

    Areas of our expertise include financial systems, change management, process redesign, cost containment, budgeting and forecasting; 


     The world of finance is on the brink of a new generation; your company no longer needs "number crunchers" but instead, analysts whom are focused on value-added processes. 

    We remain a boutique consulting firm to personally cater to our clients' individual requirements while maintaining our flexibility to provide solution-based services. We are proud to support our clients from the "management" to the "details" and everywhere in-between.

     Guided by Liz McBride-Gould, a leader in the industry for over 30 years, we have built a foundation with our clients in mind. This positions you to enjoy greater success for many decades to come. We invite you to check out how IFS2 will spring YOUR business to the next financial level.